Eternal Quartz Banger Inserts


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24mm-25mm (+) Splash Guard Insert (19mm OD) – (Fits all deep dish 24mm-25mm nails excluding Gavels & Grails), 25mm – Slim (18mm OD) (Crystal Star Flat Top, Cryptic Culture Flat Top), 25mm XXL Angled – Tall (19mm OD) (Evan Shore Angled, Mayoral Quartz Angled), 30mm Splash Guard Insert (24mm OD) (Fits all 30mm Deep Dish Nails excluding Toro 3mm thick grails), 30mm Toro Grail Insert (23mm OD) (For Toro 3mm wall thickness bangers), 30mm V3 Phat Bottom, Flat – Mothership Mega Royal Swing, Round – Mothership Mega Royal Swing, Puffco Peak Quartz Insert (1.5mm thick), 25mm XXL – Angled – Short (19mm OD) (XXL QCB,Hoyes,Nastee, DC Glass, Short Angled Bngers), 25mm XXL – Medium (19mm OD) (Shallow QCB Flat Tops, Shallow 24-25mm Bangers), 25mm – Tall – Plus (+) (19mm OD) (25mm Highly Educated Gavels (+), Evan Shore Flat Top, QCB Flat Top Deep Dish, E.Ross 4.0, Skavenger, Pukinbeagle Flat Top), 25mm XXL Medium – Angled (19mm OD) (Evan Shore Angled, Mayoral Quartz Angled), 25mm – Tall – Minus (-) (18mm OD) (Toro Grails, Highly Educated Gavels that warp, Thermochromatic Bangers), 25mm – Deep Dish (19mm OD) (Eternal Quartz, Mayoral Flat Top, Halen Bucket, E.Ross 4.0, Quartz Pi, Evan Shore Long Jawn, All Deep Dish 24-25mm bangers), 30mm Deep Dish – (24mm OD) (Eternal Quartz, Toro Grails(2.5mm walls), Mayorals, Halen Buckets, Eross 4.0, SugarCube, Hoyes, Nastee, Skavenger, Casa, all 30mm deep dish buckets)


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