Opaque Inserts


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Opaque Inserts

24mm-25mm – Minus – Opaque Bottom Splash Guard Insert (18mm OD) (Toro grails & HE gavels), 24mm-25mm – Minus (-) Opaque Insert (18mm OD)(Fits Toro Grails & Warped HE Gavels & all 24mm-25mm Nails), 24mm-25mm – Plus – Opaque Bottom Splash Guard Insert (19mm OD) (Fits all 24-25mm nails except toro grails & he gavels), 24mm-25mm – Plus (+) Opaque Bottom Insert (18mm OD)(Fits all deep dish 24mm & 25mm nails except Toro Grails and warped HE Gavels), 24mm-25mm Opaque Core Insert, 2nd Quality 24mm-25mm Opaque Bottom Insert, 30mm Opaque Bottom Insert (23mm OD)(Fits All 30mm Nails), 30mm Opaque Bottom Insert (2nd Quality), Puffco Peak Opaque Core Insert, V2 30mm Opaque Bottom Splash Guard Insert (23mm OD)(Fits All 30mm Nails)


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